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Industrial Parts


Quality Fasteners, Competitive Prices

USA Fasteners specializes in supplying a wide range of high-quality industrial fasteners. We are committed to meeting your specific needs with the most cost-effective solutions available in the market.

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USA Fasteners is your comprehensive source for industrial fasteners, equipped to meet both domestic and international requirements. We ensure all fasteners are available with a variety of specifications and finishes, including options manufactured to ASTM and SAE standards, and galvanizing or other finishes as needed.

We are ready to assist with any unique or specialized fastener demands you may have. Our extensive network of manufacturing sources enables us to source and supply any fastener you require, even those not listed in common standards.


To simplify the process and reduce any potential stress, you can contact us via our form, phone, or email with your specific fastener requirements. At USA Fasteners, we aim to streamline your purchasing process and ensure you receive exactly what you need with minimal hassle.


Ted Skrzat, a former project manager at a steel fabricating company, has extensive experience in procuring materials for projects that comply with DOT and other government contracts. He was involved in a significant project constructing three railings for a new 5000-foot bridge across the Indian River Inlet in Rehoboth Beach, DE. This project, governed by the Delaware Department of Transportation, required precise specifications for materials used.

Ted faced challenges in sourcing fasteners of common sizes that were required for the bridge. The solution involved collaborating with seven local machine shops and fastener manufacturers to produce the necessary fasteners. This initiative not only fulfilled the contract terms but also supported local businesses.

At USA Fasteners, we recognize the complexities of sourcing specific fasteners for large projects and offer a streamlined solution by providing a comprehensive range of fasteners, both domestic and imported, at competitive prices. 

Learn how USA Fasteners can simplify your fastener procurement by contacting us today.

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